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Today was proving to be, yet another very difficult day for me and within a minute of tuning into Y102.5, my focus was shifted from 'self' and toward God who is my Rock and Protector...
- Dan

We need YOUR help!

We've learned that the Federal Communications Commission have issued a license for another radio station at 102.5 in Farmington. This is going to cause major interference Y1025. If you're listening in West Hartford, Bloomfield, even Glastonbury you will no longer be able to. That's right this new station will drowned us out. We need your help. When this goes on the air we need to complain to the FCC to try and get it shut off. Help us save Y1025 join the fight by letting us know you want to save Y1025. When it happens we'll tell you how you can help, just fill out the information below, we'll email you with how you can help. Please do it today because it won't be long till Y1025 is gone.

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